Pavel Smidotzkich
Pavel Smidotzkich
BIRTHDAYOctober 12, 1983
CENTEROfakim Tennis Center
PROGRAMSChildren at Risk
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Pavel’s Story

Pavel Smidotzkich, 11 years of age who trains at the ITC Ofakim, has been selected as “Player of the Month” of the Israel Tennis Centers in October.

Pavel, who lives in Ofakim, was born in Israel after his parents came to the country in 1995. He started to play tennis in the Centers 6 years ago, arriving to the courts 5 times a week and trains for 8 weekly hours in the competitive program with coach and manager of the center, Haim Zion. In addition, Pavel takes part in the training sessions of the “Team of the South” for the second year since it has been formed.

Pavel, a left hander, started to play tennis following his brother, Genia, who stood out as a youngster. His dream is to become #1 in the world rankings and he is an enthusiastic fan of Israeli Andy Ram and Spanish world #1 Rafael Nadal. Pavel has had nice achievements in the tournaments he’s participated in; Apart from several Quarter Final rounds in the National Events, he has also won 3 Regional competitions in the south during the past year: “Hanukkah” in Ofakim, “Shavuot” in Beer Sheva and “Summer #1″ in Beer Sheva. Except for tennis Pavel also shows good skills in other sports, such as Basketball and Soccer.

Haim Zion: “Pavel is a serious boy who is persistent and gives his all during practice. He is a kind boy who volunteers to help in every event in the Center and is loved by all of the children. I predict some fine achievements for him down the road.”