Barra Ka’abiyye
Barra Ka’abiyye
BIRTHDAYSeptember 27, 1997
CENTERYokneam Tennis Center
PROGRAMSCompetitive Tennis
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Barra’s Story

After a one year break from tennis, 13 year old Barra Ka’abiyye returned to the courts of the Israel Tennis Center-Yokneam, the place where she feels most at home. The reason for her long break wasn’t because of an injury, a medical problem or a retirement.

Barra lives in Ka’abiyye, an Arab local council located in the Lower Galilee – a 30 minute drive from the tennis center. She started playing at the age of 10 and had great result in her first two years. She even climbed to the top 10 in the girls U-10 and U-12 rankings.

During those two years the ITC subsidized Barra’s training but their help wasn’t enough to keep her on the courts. Barra’s family had financial problems and couldn’t drive her to the center several times a week. She was forced to stop training and stay at home, while her friends and teammates continued playing, competing in tournaments and climbing up the rankings.

At the beginning of the year, Barra’s father sent a letter to the ITC’s management asking for financial support that will allow his daughter to return playing. He wrote: “my daughter hasn’t played in the past year despite her strong will and motivation and that is that due to our inability to provide her with transportation and equipment. We speak about a Bedouin girl from the village of Ka’abiyye, who has a true passion for the game and it’s a shame for me and for her that she had to stop playing as a result of our socio-economic status”.

Sharon Auzer, manager of the ITC-Yokneam turned to the “Equal Opportunity Foundation” in memory of Freddie Krivine – one of the founders of the ITC. The foundation sent a generous donation that allowed Barra to come to the center twice a week, while the ITC paid for her training and provided equipment.