tal itc childrens stories

Tal, 12 years old, from the Samson Israel Tennis Center in Beer Sheva, is part of the ITC’s “Players of the Next Generation” program. It specifically targets the Ethiopian community, thanks to the contribution of a very special person, Jonathan David. He decided to invest in these children, believing that one day they could represent Israel in the Davis Cup. Tal has made great improvements and is now part of the pre-Competitive Program at the center.

Tal started playing tennis about a year ago, when the project first started. Before coming to the ITC, Tal did not feel like he belonged anywhere. However, since he started playing regularly, there has been a big turnaround after discovering that he has the willpower and potential to be a great player. He has since participated in internal tournaments at the Center, winning multiple medals and trophies.

“My dream is to become a great player and to be known in Israel and around the world, Tal said. “I always look to achieve more, I want to win many trophies and tournaments and, of course, become number one.”

Coach Katia Malka sees his potential. “Tal is a very special child who believes he will become a great player. “I believe the same thing. He has improved and developed so much, both professionally and socially, and I know that he is a good role model for his friends in the group.”

Yaniv Sakira, manager of the ITC – Beer Sheva, agrees. “I am happy to see the professional and social progress that Tal is making since his arrival at the ITC. I have no doubt that he is on the right path to achieve his dreams.”