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Born prematurely with a life threating infection that resulted in her loss of hearing, Rotem has defeated the odds to become one of Israel’s top tennis players in her age category. Using her disability as an advantage, she dreams of representing Israel in the Fed Cup.

At the age of 9, Rotem started playing tennis at the ITC – Ramat Hasharon. “I fell in love with this sport, and it has given me a lot of confidence. I made loads of new friends and I feel like everyone here really cares about me. I have accepted my disability and I use it as an advantage when I play tennis. Contrary to many other players who can get distracted by noise, I can’t hear anything and that really helps my concentration. It helps me to focus on my match and my opponent and I am able to block out everything going on around me”.

Eyal Taoz, Manager of the ITC – Ramat Hasharon, agreed. “It is amazing to see how Rotem deals with her disability. Despite being a big challenge in her life, she acts just like a normal teenage girl with no special requirements. Everyone here loves to be around her and her determination to succeed in unbelievable”. Rotem’s father, Dudi, added “The Tennis Center has had a huge impact on Rotem’s life and has given her the strength to be as normal as possible. The love, care and warmth that she receives is beyond our expectations. It gives her so much confidence.”