ori itc stories

Ori is 14 years old and is part of the ITC Academy at the ITC – Ramat Hasharon. Ori started playing tennis when he was eight years old near his home at the ITC – Beer Sheva. He immediately fell in love with the sport and very quickly joined the High Performance Program. Ori and his family understood that in order for him to continue his development, he could no longer stay in Beer Sheva, and the best option would be to move to the dormitory in Ramat Hasharon, which he did in September 2012.

“I really enjoy being in the dormitory,” Ori said. “I really believe that we have the best conditions in Israel – nutritional guidance, mental training, physiotherapy, academic help, and more much. I have made many friends in the dormitory and we have become one family. My biggest dream is to represent Israel in the Davis Cup and to become a professional player. More than once, tennis has taught me that hard work brings results.”