Atad Peled

Atad Peled was practically born with a tennis racket in his hands. His mother, Paulina Pesachov, was one of Israel’s most successful tennis players back in the 70’s, ranked 18th in the world at the height of her playing career. His brother, a year older than Atad, began playing tennis when he was six. When he was eight years old Atad started playing and training at the Selma and Irving Ettenberg ITC – Haifa where his mother coached. “I think that as a kid, having a place like the ITC had a huge impact on my life as an adult. It gave me discipline, responsibility, and other vital life skills that proved very helpful later on in my life.”

Atad soon considered the ITC – Haifa his second home. He spent almost 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, training with other kids and watching the best players. Being surrounded by competitive people in a supportive and team environment instilled in him important values, such as being a team player, self-improvement, friendship, hard work, setting goals, receiving feedback, and competitiveness. “I am certain that getting the exposure during the early stage of life gave me a head start, leveraging my abilities as a teenager and enabling me to pursue my dreams.” image001 (1)

Today Atad is studying for his Masters of Business Administration at the prestigious MIT Sloan school of Management. He enrolled there after serving in the Israeli Air Force for 13 years as a fighter pilot. In his last position he was a Deputy Commander in an F15 Squadron, and the success he experienced there he attributes directly to the ITC. “I’m quite sure that if I hadn’t spent my time at the ITC I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.”

“I think that instilling values and discipline was the match point for me,” Atad said. “I invested so much time in playing tennis and that I had to organize my weekly tasks to get the most of my free time during school. It taught me to prioritize, understand what is important and what is not, realize that friends are important but so is sports in general and tennis in particular. I learned how to recover from upsets and how to improve from failures.”

The ITC gave Atad the perfect environment to learn about himself, to mentor, teach, train, but most importantly, educate him. “This is what ITC is all about – Education. That was the difference. It allowed me to understand that everything is possible, as long as you give everything. So I had a dream to become a pilot, and I knew I would become one, because I gave everything towards achieving that dream, and I was right.”

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