The following ITC alums represent what the Israel Tennis Centers is all about… helping Israel’s children become strong, productive and successful adults. ‘Great Achievers’ all! Please enjoy their stories.

Gidi Grinstein

“The Israel Tennis Centers provided a world of civility that allowed me to reach as high as I wanted without any limitations.” So recalls President and Founder of the Reut Institute and ITC alum Gidi Grinstein in describing the opportunities … Continue reading

Harel Srugo

“The Israel Tennis Centers was a real wake-up call for me. It taught me the values of sport and life… that hard work really does pay off.” Like thousands of other Israeli children, Harel Srugo spent his early years in … Continue reading

Maor Zirkin

“Being at the Israel Tennis Centers was always something very special… like being part of a special unit of the Israeli army.” So recalls 32 year old Maor Zirkin, Director at the prestigious College Park Athletic Club outside Chicago, who … Continue reading

Anna Smashnova

“Finding the Israel Tennis Centers was a true blessing that changed my life forever.” So says 12-time WTA champion and former top 20 ranked player in the world Anna Smashnova who came to Israel with her family from Russia when … Continue reading

Yaniv Sakira

Being the Manager of the Samson Israel Tennis Center in Beer Sheva is what giving back is all about for Yaniv Sakira. He grew up in the community and started playing tennis at the age of 6. Three years later … Continue reading