Insight into the Poverty Issue in Israel

ITC Co-existence Program Expansion 1997From the Latet NGO comes some very sobering statistics:

  • 32% of the population in Israel is dealing with poverty.
  • 25% of children go to sleep hungry at least a few times per month.
  • 65% do not receive a hot meal at school for lunch.
  • 65% of impoverished parents are forced to do without medicine or medical treatment for their children at some point throughout year.
  • 40% of these parents have to do this repeatedly.
  • 27% of the children have dropped out of school.

Over 900,000 Israeli children have been affected by poverty which has led them to make drastic changes in their lives. Getting into the workforce, dropping out of school and not receiving enough food are just some of the issues these children along with their family members have to deal with on a regular basis. These statistics underscore the importance of our programs at the ITC. Through our various social impact programs we provide children a safe, organized and nurturing environment with countless opportunities to help them achieve to the best of their abilities.

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