Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects

Looking for a Mitzvah Project?

Consider “Children to Children”: A Mitzvah Project that will make a real difference in the lives of underprivileged children in Israel.

The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation works to improve and enrich the lives of more than 20,000 Israeli children each year. During this very special Bar/Bat Mitzvah year, you and your family can design a unique Mitzvah program. Together, we can plan a project suited to your family’s individual needs and interests that will help improve the lives of Israel’s children.

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Here are a few opportunities to become involved:

Mitzvah Projects

  • Help the ITC Foundation arrange a tennis exhibition in your community to raise awareness and funds for disadvantaged children to attend the Israel Tennis Centers’ specially designed programs, which use tennis as a tool to improve their quality of life. (Download Sample Save The Date ») Blaustein-Save-the-Date-page-001
  • Donate a portion of your bar or bat mitzvah gifts to support an underprivileged child or one of our sports for social impact programs. The donation will be earmarked for your specific project. (Read Media Coverage »)Max Chalik
  • Organize a tennis tournament in your community and donate the players’ entry fees to ITC. (Read Media Coverage »)
  • Request that donations be made in your honor to Israel Tennis Centers Foundation in lieu of gifts. Donations are tax deductible. (Download Sample Letter »)
  • Sponsor “goody” bags with new tennis items for children in need at the Israel Tennis Centers who are also celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, while developing an overseas pen pal relationship.

Celebrating In Israel? Visit The ITC

  • Play tennis with Israeli tennis stars
  • Teach an English lesson to an immigrant child at one of the Centers
  • Join one of our groups in the afternoon and enjoy a meaningful experience hitting with our Israeli youth

Sponsor A Teen
Give underprivileged teenagers a career for life by providing them with a scholarship to enroll in a tennis coaches’ training course.

Sponsor A Child
Sponsor a child in a program for children at risk or special needs.

Sponsor Tournament
Sponsor a tennis tournament.

Sponsor Coexistence
Sponsor a twinned kindergarten or other co-existence program.

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