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Unlike older children and adults, whose cognitive skills are more developed, young children learn about the world primarily through their bodies. Young children explore their surroundings, touching, feeling and utilizing their body to find their place the world, while constantly challenging their boundaries. Research is gradually uncovering the strong correlation between young children's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, as well as between physical activity at an early age and adult health (Shkedi and Shoval, 2007).

In today's day and age, when children's movement opportunities are increasingly limited due to intensified computer and television consumption, there is a need to offer children an appropriate educational framework that caters to their specific needs. Implementation of physical education at an early age affords young children an optimal framework for holistic development and maturity, while also improving their overall physical health.

The ITC believes that education programs for kindergartners can also serve as a basis for learning values of tolerance and compassion. This is especially important in Israel, a land besieged by conflict and religious tension, which particularly affects youngsters, who are deeply affected by the rhetoric of violence. These programs can also serve as a platform for personal and collective empowerment for immigrant children and their families.

The ITC’s kindergarten programs are based on 32 annual physical education and motor skills development classes, which are implemented once a week at kindergartens throughout Israel. The ITC’s certified physical education teachers, all of who specialize in work with young children, implement the program. The teachers use special equipment such a hoops, ropes, ladders, rubber balls and cones to improve the young children's movement and motor skills, all within the familiar surroundings and framework of their respective kindergartens. The ITC offers the following kindergarten programs: Excellence in Motion, Kindergarten for Children with Developmental Disabilities and Twinned Kindergarten.


  • Excellence in Motion Kindergarten

    The Excellence in Motion Program represents the ITC’s core educational effort regarding young kindergarten children. The program is based on 32 annual physical education and motor skills development classes, which are implemented once a week at kindergartens throughout Israel. The program is implemented by the ITC’s certified physical education teachers, all of which specialize in […]

  • Kindergarten for Children with Developmental Disabilities

    This program aims at improving motor skills such as fitness, balance and coordination in developmentally challenged children aged 4-6, who attend special needs kindergartens throughout Israel. The program is based on physical education activities suited to fit the needs of children and adults with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome and language deficiencies, introducing […]

  • Twinned Kindergarten

    In 2005, the ITC launched the Twinned Peace Kindergartens Program with the Peres Center for Peace, a leading coexistence organization founded in 1996 by President of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres. Program Goals • Enhancing young children’s coordination, quickness, balance and motor skills • Building the participants’ self-esteem and confidence through physical […]


  • "We want to give Israel’s young children everything, and with this program, we actually do just that. At such a young age, physical development leads to cognitive and emotional development. It is as simple as that. It is our national mission to improve kindergartners’ lives, and we are thrilled to be given the opportunity to enhance child development within so many areas in Israel."

    Orit Mash, the Kindergarten Programs’ national Directors

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