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Children at Risk

In March of 2011, Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics assessed the numbers and demographics regarding children at risk under the age of 17 in Israel. The findings were startling: Israel's local councils currently list over 420,000 children as at risk (The Central Bureau of Statistics, March 2011). Even more startling is the fact that the number of youth at-risk increases with every passing year, due to intensified poverty throughout Israel's periphery and disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Children at risk often find themselves alienated from the normative frameworks which shape their lives, resulting in behavioral symptoms such as vagrancy, vandalism, drug abuse and violence. Their achievements in school do not match their potential or level of responsibility characterized by their age group. Many of them are registered in local educational facilities but do not actively participate in class and are often absent from school. Within these groups, many exhibit violent behavioral patterns and gang related activity. These children need a second home where they can feel appreciated, loved and free to develop.

The ITC seeks to address this need on a regional level, by locating children that are in danger of adopting destructive life patterns and introducing them to comprehensive and holistic programs that combine sport, welfare and role modeling within a pressure free environment. These programs help children at risk re-attain normative patterns of behavior, while equipping them with tools that will help them deal with pressures at home and in school. Currently, the ITC is experiencing a huge demand for commencing and expanding existing children at risk programs across most of our centers.

Children Profiles


  • Project Embrace children enjoy day at amusement park

    On November 27, twenty-one Jewish and Arab middle school participants from the Embrace Project at ITC – Akko enjoyed a field trip to an amusement park. The children enjoyed a fun-filled day complete with trampolines, rappelling, and challenging ropes courses. The children also enjoyed making delicious pitas filled with chocolate! The field trip was part […]

  • Individuals Scholarships

    The ITC offers scholarships (up to 90%) to youth at risk who wish to join the achievement and/or competitive tennis programs, yet are unable to afford the costs.

  • Youth Futures Tennis

    The ITC caters to children at risk who are part of the Jewish Agency’s Youth Futures Program, in which a child at risk is paired with a qualified mentor in and outside of school, who acts as a “big brother” and positive role model. As part of their ongoing empowerment, the children arrive at the […]

  • Tennis and Fitness & School Gym

    This program offers tennis and fitness classes to various at risk populations, including orthodox children, immigrant children from the former Soviet Union and more. The program is currently operated in the ITC in Akko (20 children), Beer Sheva (27 children), Jaffa (15 Children), Jerusalem (37 Children), Ashkelon (20 Children), Arad (20 Children) and Ofakim (13 […]

  • Summer Embrace

    The Summer Embrace Program combines sport, fitness and recreational activities for youth at risk during the months of summer vacation when children tend to stay up late and wander the streets on a daily basis. The program is currently operated in the ITC in Beer Sheva and Haifa, in cooperation with the Israel Anti-Drug Authority. […]

  • Embrace

    The Embrace Program represents the ITC’s most comprehensive and holistic initiative for youth at risk to date. The program is based on sport, fitness and recreational activities that help teach discipline and prevent social decline, which also include regional tennis tournaments during vacations aimed at enhancing self-esteem. The activities are complemented by sessions with experienced […]

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