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Co Existence

The ITC aims to instill positive perceptions through joint tennis activities for Jewish, Arab, Druze and Bedouin children.

Sport has the unparalleled ability to transcend barriers of language, politics and religion, and is a proven powerful tool for promoting tolerance, developing productive cross-cultural relationships and ultimately, peaceful coexistence.

Children at Risk

The ITC aims to support children at risk through the medium of sport, helping them overcome personal hardships.

The ITC caters to over 1,050 children at risk throughout Israel each week, through a network of holistic welfare programs that teach discipline and self-control, improve self-confidence, provide community role models and while helping them mature into independent and responsible adults.

Children with Special Needs

The ITC serves children and adults with various special needs, operating nationwide programs that help balance their lives.

One of the ITC’s main goals is to operate programs for children with developmental and physical disabilities, helping them fulfill their potential to become winners on the court and off. The ITC is a second home to developmentally challenged and physically handicapped children, who benefit from a structured physical routine within a stress-free environment, in the company of caring and professional coaches.

Immigrant Children

The ITC offers children of Ethiopian descent an opportunity to excel in sport, develop leadership skills and transcend social barriers.

As part of its community outreach, the ITC operates programs designed to empower immigrant children, as well as children from various minority groups, through sport and educational workshops, thus easing their integration within Israeli society and developing their leadership skills. The ITC has a rich history of implementing programs for children from Ethiopia, children of foreign workers from Africa and Asia, and more.

High Performance Tennis

The ITC continues the tradition of excellence by nurturing generations of champions who regularly compete on the professional circuit. Talented young players enroll in the ITC’s High-Performance Tennis Program, where they are supported by our most experienced tennis and fitness coaching staff, as well as sports psychologists and nutritionists.

Participants of this program, many of whom come from disadvantaged areas, go on to play professional tennis, acquire university scholarships and/or gain future employment as coaches.


The ITC implements physical education programs at an early age to give young children an optimal framework for holistic development and physical health.

Young children constantly explore their surroundings, touching, feeling and utilizing their body to find their place the world. There is a need to offer children in Israel an appropriate educational framework that caters to their specific physical and cognitive needs.

Rated as a top charity on charity navigator

The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation (ITC) has received a 4-star rating, the highest possible, from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of not-for-profit organizations. This exceptional rating indicates that the ITC outperforms most other charities in America, adhering to the highest standards of governance and other best practices, and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way.

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