There are many children in Israel who are at risk. Perhaps this is due to a physical or emotional challenge. Maybe it’s an economic challenge. Add the political uncertainty in the region and you have a generation of children who desperately need a stable influence in their lives. This is the reason for our existence…and for our programs.

The beginning

The first Center, Ramat Hasharon, opened its doors to 250 children in 1976, following a ribbon cutting ceremony presided over by Leah Rabin. Since then, more than 350,000 Israeli families of all origins have benefited from a host of specialized programs. More about the Centers

What we provide.

Uniquely designed programs have been developed that cater to the special needs of children who are developmentally challenged, who come from “at risk” families, and immigrants who are seeking assimilation into Israeli society. Programs for Jewish and Arab children coexistence. More about the Programs